Site Management Organization Site Coordinator Training

Our employees are selected from individuals having required job values, educated in life sciences or equivalent fields. Our SMO Leads supports our personnels with teoritical and on site trainings in order to establish a lead expert staff in their field. Our current employees are trained within the time zones determined in accordance with the updated regulations, good clinical practices and study protocols.

Our main topics in our trainings;

  • History of Clinical Research
  • ICH – GCP
  • Local GCP Guide in Turkey
  • The Duties And Responsibilities Of The Site Team
  • Protokol, Vizit Planlama ve Vizit Prosedürlerinin Yönetimi
  • Data Entry and Source Document Requirements
  • Reporting Adverse and Serious Adverse Events
  • Central Laboratory Procedures
  • Patient Recruitment Procedures
  • Management Of The Duration Of The Patient In The Study
  • Scientific Fraud and Diversion
  • Management of Essential Documents
  • Ministry of Health and Ethics Committee Coordination
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management

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