Atlas CRO performs full service in the clinical research industry. By combining our expertise and technology, we offer services appropriate to you and your budget. We continue to meet your needs without compromising from our quality.

We commit;

  • Comply with the national and international legal regulations
  • Keep customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • Work in mutual cooperation and confidence with our suppliers and customers
  • Providing sector employees’ education with high know how and experience we have in our business
  • To comply with the terms of quality management system and continuously improve its effectiveness
  • To be the preferred organization in our sector with our quality services
  • Perform financial growth by continuously increasing existing market share
  • To make improvement work by assessing customer satisfaction and complaints
  • To maintain the availability, integrity and privacy of knowledge by reducing the effect of information security threats
  • To ensure our employees work in compliance, in a safe and healthy environment without differentiation amoung our employees on language, religion, race, gender, political thought, sectarian, age and physical status.
  • To ensure our employees and relavant parties work within the framework of ethical rules.

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